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Monogamy....Is This Type of Relationship Normal?

This day and age it is becoming more popular…….or should we say more OPEN for people to discuss their extracurricular affairs such as being swingers, having sex parties, threesomes, open relationships, etc. The truth is, these types of sexual encounters have been going on for centuries, but it was a dark kept secret shared only amongst those involved.

Then we have heard the terms “Papa Was a Rolling Stone,” “Mommas baby Daddy’s maybe,” or the songs “As We Lay,” “Secret Lovers,” “In Love With Another Man,” and the list goes on and on. We have heard…or even been a part of these sayings more than often then we should. But as we all know, these type of relationships are one sided and are known as affairs.

Which make us wonder with all of these different and common types of relationships, has monogamy ever been the normal type of relationship? Or do you ever wonder “How can I make sure my relationship stays a monogamous relationship?” We can give you advice like, “Well make sure you keep the lines of communications open,” “Be honest about your sexual needs and fantasies so you or your partner won’t stray,” “Go to counseling,” or how about “Make sure you two pray together.” Now we are not saying these are not good advice to give, or that it will not work. But do you know what the ultimate key is to staying in a monogamous relationship? It’s very simple YOU BOTH HAVE TO MAKE THAT CHOICE! Life is simple, but people make it harder than what it is because of the choices made.

With all of that being said, if you know your partner wants a monogamous relationship and you know you are not capable of doing that, then please do them a favor and get out of the relationship so they can find someone who wants the same as them. DON’T BE SELFISH! For everyone else who are into consensual non-monogamous relationships (LOL) please stay safe, make sure you get tested regularly for STDs and HIV, DO YOU, and last but not least, PLAY ON! #nojudgementzone


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