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Making Something From Nothing: Meet Shaneen Bonner of Decree Records

Shaneen Bonner is a Two-Time Grammy Considered, Award-Winning, Billboard Charting Music Artist, Author and Record Label Executive who built a successful career in the music industry for over 10 years, first as a music artist and later as a record label executive. Her love for music came from the church and developed by multi-cultural experiences. Her soulful music is filled with positive lyrics and life-changing messages that captivated her listeners’ hearts.

Initially, Shaneen was a Gospel spoken word artist and then evolved into a Gospel singer. She is an active member of Christian Songwriters and Musicians International, Women Songwriters Hall of Fame, and many others. She has been featured in several newspapers and magazines. She uses her platform to help the homeless community, empower teenage mothers by connecting them to a supportive community of other teen mothers & adult mentors, and women effected by domestic violence.

Shaneen recently launched Decree Records, an independent gospel and inspirational music record label based in Los Angeles, California. The record label is designed to help Gospel and Inspirational artists take their music to the next level. “The goal is to develop new artists by teaching them the ends and outs of the music industry as well as building the career of new artists around the world”, says Bonner.

Decree Records experienced tremendous success with the 2021 release of “Great God” which hit the billboard indicator charts in the top 100. It also streamed more than 48,000 units and gave Decree Records its first Grammy Award consideration. The second release “Praise” received a Spotify plaque and streamed over 363,000 units and received its second Grammy Award consideration.

Listen to “Great God” on Spotify at

Listen to “Praise” on Spotify at

In addition, Shaneen is an author who has written her first book called “Bleeding Within A Journey To Finding Healing.” The book helps people deal with inner issues that have been caused by trauma, incidents, and or accidents. Also, it helps a person to identify the issues caused by pain, disappointment, hurt that has occurred in their life. “Bleeding Within A Journey To Finding Healing” is available at Learn more about Decree Records by visiting

PHOTO CREDITS: Aundra Williams, Willie Latimore, and Decree Records.


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