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Poem Written by: Terrell Mercer

Yo your beautiful for a big girl…mami cute but anorexic

Dude you fine but too short…Fat dude…ugh….approach left felt disrespected

Tell me exactly who are you

Big hearted yet disregarded because you’re a female size 22

Or a man who only stand about 4 foot 5

Tiny in stature but a giant in size

Defined not by these standards set a time ago by those that didn’t even fit the mold

Just peddling fetishes & fantasies if their truth be told

Uniqueness is underrated because they want YOU to fit their definition of acceptance

They want you to hide your love for you and stifle your free spirit with negligence

They want the measuring tape of value to be wrapped around your neck like a noose

They don’t want you to see the beauty of you and get numb to the truth

Which is size is overrated, true beauty comes from within

Your various shades are poppin regardless of the pigment of your skin

So if you’re a woman size 2 to 18 to anything higher

Rock the you that is you and know that no one is doper or flyer

And if you’re a dude, husky, built or slim

Beer belly, dad bod or you just paper thin

LOVE YOU unconditionally regardless of size

Think of accepting you first and know who you are in your own eyes


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