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A Sweet Interview w/Owner of “Phylicious Cheesecakes” Chef Phylicia Renae

Written by Ernest Jackson

You are a singe mom working hard with multiple businesses and you some how make time to become a Celebrity Baker? Wow how did it all start for you?

It all started with a thought and a mindset of becoming a Celebrity Chef & Baker. I have always wanted to be among the great Chef’s I watched on t.v. Growing up. I just did what I do best (cooking) and made sure I posted to my social media accounts. One day I got a call from a celebrity barbers’ manager and ended up catering his event. It went up from there.

With all the different types of treats how did you decide to go with Cheesecake?

I decided to go with cheesecake because it has always been my favorite dessert. It has the perfect sweetness & texture and can be made in many different sizes, shapes, and flavors. It’s also the most elegant and sophisticated type of dessert to work with.

Please tell us the different types of Cheesecake products you offer?

I offer products such as New York style Cheesecakes, personal sized gourmet Cheesecakes, cheesecake brownies, cheesecake stuffed apples, cheesecake burgers, cheesecake stuffed berries, & love jars (our no bake cheesecake and toppings in a mason jar), which proceeds help aid in feeding the homeless. I offer flavors like strawberry Shortcake, blueberry Dream, sweet potato, keylime, red velvet, and my fan favorite “ShoNuff Lit”, which is my version of banana pudding cheesecake named after my big brother who recently passed but made the BEST Banana Pudding ever!

Why are you desserts a great gift idea?

My desserts are great for gifts because they are packed with lots of love and are not your ordinary type of gifts. Every item is special and can also be gift wrapped with a signature Tiffany bow tie. Or fans love to give our signature Love Jars as gifts!

Who is your typical customer?

My typical customer is someone who wants something different, something easy on the eyes, and something delicious (or in my case Phylicious!).

We hear that you do catering which means you must offer meals as well?

Yes I also do full catering. Whatever you are craving I can create it! Whether it’s for small or large groups, private, public and corporate, or if you just want a meal in your home for you, your spouse, or family. I also provide healthy meal plan options to those who want to eat good but don’t have the time or skills to do it themselves.

What city is your business located in and how far would you travel to do a clients catering?

My business is located in Atlanta, GA but I am willing to travel all over the world if it’s necessary. There are no limits when it comes to travel. Of course there is a cost for my travel, but it is well worth it.

What is that special thing that everyone should know about your brand compared to other bakers in your area?

The special thing about my brand is that it is my passion! It was built on God and the love he shows me, which in return I want to give to the world. It is genuine, pure, and created to cater to every culinary need my clients and customers have. It is “ A Taste of Heaven!” So why should you “Cheat yourself, when you can treat yourself?”

How can people contact you? Social Media and contact info.

You can contact me via email, phone, or directly from any of my social media accounts (Facebook & IG @ChefPhyliciaRenae & @PhyliciousCheesecakes ) to place an order or inquire about an event. You may also place your orders at

For media, sponsorship opportunities and appearances please contact our publicist Ernest Jackson at

Chef Phylicia Renae

Celebrity Chef/Baker


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