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Written by Melica Barnett

So you want to be a model? Turn your Dream into a Reality! Today’s modeling agencies and scouts embrace all body types and looks. If you are determined to pursue a career as a professional model and you believe you have what it takes, there are a few key things to be mindful of before taking those crucial steps into the modeling world. As an aspiring model, there are basic steps that you should take into consideration before starting. The first important step is to know your goal and know your industry! Building your modeling career takes time, effort and a lot of dedication. You must be confident, strong-minded and resilient; these will be your greatest weapon in a fast-paced and fiercely competitive world. A career in modeling can offer amazing opportunities to travel the world, meet diverse and interesting people, and generate a healthy income. Before starting your career in the modeling world – it’s important to understand it is a highly competitive industry with many different options.

HIGH FASHION: The Models that grace the runways and catalogs for the leading fashion houses and designers are the High Fashion Models. Generally, you are required to be between 5”8 to 5”11, a dress size of 4-6 US, and a typical bust size of 34. Guys are generally between 5”11 to 6”2, a chest of 37 to 42”, waist of 30 to 32”, with an excellent physique.

EDITORIAL PRINT: This type of modeling is for magazine editorials and magazine covers. The standard requirements for these models are like those in high fashion and you must be very photogenic. Quite often the same models will work in both Editorial Print and High Fashion. These editorials provide great exposure.

COMMERCIAL PRINT: This is a huge market that encompasses every kind of print advertising; it covers everything from magazine advertising, products on supermarket shelves, to billboards. The benefits of working in commercial print as a model is that the target audience of the advertiser varies considerably. Naturally, the brands want to attract and represent the people that will buy their products, so there are many opportunities here if you are the high fashion type.

CATALOG MODELING: Companies create catalogues (print & on line) to sell their latest clothing lines or various other products; it’s the catalog model’s job to make them look good. Here you will find many different opportunities for different model types, as the model is chosen to represent the target audience. With the increasing number of websites that require models to promote their goods online, this is very lucrative for many models.

PLUS-SIZE MODELING: Modeling for the larger body type is on the increase and is a relatively new phenomenon. If you’re confident, more and more advertisers are using plus-size models to promote their products in a bid to appeal to a broader demographic. As a Plus Size Model, you will still need to have great skin, teeth and hair but you also need to have that “something special” about you.

GLAMOUR MODELING: Glamour modeling can range from lingerie and swimwear shoots, to artistic and nude photography.

BODY PARTS MODELING: Although not main stream, body-part modeling is a very relevant sector of the industry. The most common body parts tend to be hair, eyes, lips, hands, legs and feet, which are used to promote many products in print and TV. You will need to have exceptionally well-proportioned body parts and know how to look after them. This is an area within modeling that’s worth considering, as it can prove to be surprisingly profitable.

MODELING in TV COMMERCIALS: TV commercials do not have an overall criteria for height, size, and age, as each commercial requires someone different and specific. It is usually necessary to have some acting ability. The great advantage in TV commercials for models is that brands are continuously seeking models that the public can easily identify with. This opens the door to almost everyone that feels they have what it takes to work in this sector. Typically, those represented by a model or actor agency have a better chance of appearing in TV commercials.


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