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Pretty & Plus Boutique

Annette Williams – Chief Executive Officer

Pretty & Plus Boutique

Annette Williams is a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Married for 35 years to Aaron Sr, a Retired Army Solider and Chief Operation Officer of Pretty & Plus Boutique.

Aaron & Annette have the privilege of having two adult daughters Bonnie and Rachel, one son Aaron Jr. who is an Active duty Army Solider, and two grandchildren Jacobi & Kyler.

Growing up Annette was plus size, and at the time there wasn’t trendy plus size clothing for girls and women. Annette always had a love for fashion but wasn’t always able to afford it.

Whenever Pretty & Plus Boutique was established in 2013, Annette wanted the Boutique to be trendy and upscale, but with affordable pricing. The Boutique’s customer base are seekers of new and pre-loved plus size apparel, and they can certainly find it at Pretty & Plus.

The goal of Pretty & Plus Boutique is to get the Plus Size woman to see herself as God sees her “Fearfully & Wonderfully Made,” regardless of weight or size. God looks at the heart, man looks at the outward appearance.

The Motto at Pretty & Plus Boutique is “You can be Pretty & Plus”

Aaron & Annette’s vision for Pretty & Plus Boutique is to create generational wealth, and to have multiple locations throughout the United States

Annette is an ordained Minister with a background in Social Work. She ministers to those who have been in poverty, rejected, incarcerated, dealt with abuse, homelessness, and substance abuse.

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