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"NOT Just Another Challenge; the PaintbyShawnDenise Giveaway Challenge!"

Nationwide January 25, 2021 - Who hasn’t taken a social media challenge or 10? From the recent viral dancing Buss It Challenge to the wildly popular 2014 The Ice Bucket Challenge, social media challenges offer an irresistible combination of competition, peer pressure, bragging rights, and sometimes even the chance to help your fellow man.

And Shawn Denise, the Atlanta-based plus size designer of PaintbyShawnDenise, whose clients are known as “Painters”, is kicking off the New Year with splashes of color with the “PaintbyShawnDenise Giveaway Challenge” to accompany the launch of her newest collection PAINTED: the Collection, which celebrates the 8th year of PaintbyShawnDenise. “I wanted fabric that draws attention to the 6 primary colors I love to use as well as the signature Black and White I use for branding.” Shawn explains excitedly. “When I designed the collection, I wanted to honor Paint’s signature Ready-to-Wear silhouettes and to design new garments for custom ordering. There is something for every woman, fashionista and fashion enthusiast on the Winter 2021 Collection. Everyone deserves to feel like they’re making a statement with this collection; everyone deserves to be #PAINTED!”

Here’s how it works: contestants shoot a brief video of the most inventive, creative way they can think of to use the 6 colors in “Painted: The Collection” (blue, yellow, purple, red, green, and black). This can be with fashion, food, makeup, art, cars, houses, or anything at all! The top 5 most ingenious videos shared during the month of February with the hashtag #PSDGiveawayChallenge will win PaintbyShawnDenise gift cards (5th prize will win $50, 4th $75, 3rd $100, 2nd $150, and 1st will win $200). In addition, ALL contestants who sign up for The PaintbyShawnDenise e-newsletter will receive 15% off every single regular-priced purchase at throughout the month of February.

Visit PaintbyShawnDenise at:


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