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My Lesson Learned Today....Negative Feelings

So you know the song by Monica called “Don’t Take it Personal?” Well if you do, you know the song starts off with, “Its just one of them days......”. Well today was definitely one of those days I was feeling blah. I hate days like this bc it is not me, it is not my personality. Let me tell you where it all stemmed from.

So about two weeks ago, I started working from home. I am beyond grateful for that! I had all of these plans of task I was going to get accomplished and be ahead of the game. The number of things I want and need to accomplish is a lot. So much so that I didn’t know where to start. So many thoughts were going through my head all at once, and I was wanting to get it done all in one day. Well having a brain overload caused me not to get hardly anything accomplished other than....getting my main work done from home. So today was a breaking point for me because I felt

as though I have wasted previous days of not getting, what I think is enough, accomplished.

I had to snap out of that QUICK! I felt myself going into a mini depression state. Something I NEVER want to experience again. So when I felt it coming on, I had to talk to myself. Here is how the conversation went;

My positive Inner thoughts: Bitch what is wrong with you? Get yourself together because you are better than that! To every problem there is a solution right?

Me: Right

My positive Inner thoughts: Ok then! Well get up and come up with a plan on how you are going to succeed with all of these goals!

My negative thoughts: Girl you know good and well you are not going to get anything done. There is not enough time in the day to accomplish what you want to is it even worth it? Are you good enough and talented enough to make it happen. Other people are doing similar things so just chill out and relax! Go to sleep girl!

My positive thoughts: Girl you know all of that is bogus! You know your worth, your mission, your talent! Just slow your brain down and breathe! Breathe and come

up with a plan to get you out this negative mindset! Come on bitch you got this!! GET YO ASS UP!

So I listened to my positive thoughts. I got my ass up, took a long deep breathe and said “Ok lets come up with a solution!”

Here was my plan of action to get out of my funk and onto accomplishing task.

  • I took a long hot shower and got dressed as if I was going out somewhere

I noticed putting on lounge clothes day after day contributed to my funky mood

  • Next I walked outside and let the sun hit my face. I took deep long breathes and took in the sun rays

The sunlight has many health benefits. The most important benefits for me was the increase in energy and the improvement of my mood!

  • I came back in the house after being out for a few minutes and noticed clutter in the area I worked in. So even though I didn’t feel like it, I forced myself to clean up and declutter.

I noticed having the clutter contributed to me feeling overwhelmed and drained. After I decluttered the area, my mind felt so much clearer.

  • Lastly I wrote out one plan at a time. I did not go to my next goal until I finished the first.

So what did I learn today? I learned that we all will have our days. With this new normal life we are going through right now, there will probably be more of those blah days. However we have to learn to tune out those negative thoughts, and start thinking positive. We have to change our daily habits, especially if we are one of the people who are home all day now. I have also learned to breathe, write down my task, and accomplish one goal at a time. If I don’t get it done in one day, I don’t stress about it. Instead of thinking about what coulda shoulda woulda, I do what I can and I thank God for letting me see another day! Remember to every problem there is a solution. Don’t feel defeated! We will get through this “new normal life.....for now,“ together! Stay Positive Stay Safe!


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