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DJ Doughboy's Question for the Ladies: Why do you love what's bad for you?

Ladies: Why do you love what's bad for you? You will completely overlook the nice guy to be with the bad boy. But then you wonder why there are so few nice guys around. You haven't realized that almost everything men do is done to attract women. So if you want men to change, it starts with YOU. If you start showing love to the men that treat you right, not the ones that abuse you, maybe you wouldn't be in the space you're in. Think about it. If the most popular girls in high school only dated "nerds," how many boys would have been in the library instead of the corner? If men saw women fall for "good dudes" that cared for them instead of "jerks" that mistreated them, maybe they would aspire to be gentlemen. But every time you pass a nice guy by to fall in love with someone who doesn't deserve you, you push another good guy a step closer to the dark side. In time, there will be no good guys left. For some of you, that time is now.

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