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90's Throwback Concert

February 15, 2019 at the Hampton Coliseum was the place to be with that special someone! Valentine’s Day Rewind concert was filled with not only lovers, but singles who jammed all night to throwback music we all loved and grew up listening to. The host for the night was none other than the hilarious comedian out of Chicago Illinois, Damon Williams! He kept us entertained and laughing all night with jokes and real life stories he has gone through! He has a new comedy album on iTunes so make sure you go and check him out!

After 20 Years of being on a hiatus, one of 90’s favorite female groups 702 reunites on stage to open up the show! Kameelah Williams, LeMisha Grinstead, and Irish Grinstead took stage and performed some of their greatest hits including “Get it Together,” “Steelo,” and everyone’s all time favorite from the group, “Where My Girls At.”

Next on the line up was K-CI & JoJo. But as you can see from the photo above we only have images of K-Ci. That is because he came alone and addressed the fact that his brother JoJo was not there. He made the statement “I know what you all are thinking. Yes I am here by myself. I came into this world by myself, and I am going to leave this world by myself.” He didn’t elaborate any further and continued on with doing an amazing performance by himself singing some of our favorite classics including “All My Life,” “Last Night’s Letter,” “Crazy,” and “Life” from the one of my all time favorite movies “Life.”

Hampton Roads own Teddy Riley came home to put on one hell of a show for his family, friends, and fans! He shared a story with the audience of how back in the day he would help local talent get exposure by having them perform at shows he would have in Hampton Roads. So on this night he decided to bring to the stage, two Hampton Roads artist who blew our minds with their talent!

He followed up by performing the rest of the night with some of the best artist and groups from the new jack swing era including Dave Hollister singing hits like “Before I Let You Go,” Guy with hits such as “Teddy’s Jam 2, and Blackstreet came out singing some of their greatest throwback hits including “No Diggity,” and Don’t Leave Me!”

This was truly a concert to go to if you were in love with the new jack swing era! The audience age range varied but the people that dominated the concert in attendance were the 80’s babies! As myself being a part of that dominating group, I know how good it felt to be able to reminisce to the days were these hits kept us entertained after school on BET as we watched 106 and Park, with AJ & Free, Rap City with Big Tigger, and many more!


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