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Ever been with a person and became mentally and physically attracted to them?  Only to find out later down the road, that who you thought you were attracted to, turned out to be a completely different person. 





Hi Honey,


            There are some things that I want to talk to you about that has been bothering me.  When we first met each other, we were inseparable.  Your personality, your humor, your respect for me as a woman, the goals you had set for yourself, the way you kept yourself up and always smelling good, attracted me to you.  We went on dates every weekend, took late night walks, had picnics in the park, and took spur of the moment trips.  I loved the times we surprised each other with candle light dinner, rub each other’s feet and back after a hard day at work.  We went from going to our separate homes and talking on the phone until it was time for us to go to work the next morning, to spending the night at each other’s house on a regular base.  Remember those dirty texts we sent to each other throughout the day and then came home and acted them out? We were so happy together, I couldn’t ask for a better man.  You really knew how to treat a woman.  Remember that long discussion we had about our future?  That’s when we made the big decision to move in together.  First few weeks were busy for the both of us.  Settling in our new place together took a lot of work and time.  When we finally settled in I thought to myself, “We can really start enjoying our lives together!”  The weekend that we finally got settled, I made the suggestion that we go out to our favorite bar and have some drinks….this would have been the first time for us going out since the move in.  Your response to me was “Sorry babe, I made plans with friends tonight.”  I didn’t stress it.  I know that we had neglected our friends since we got together.  But as the weeks went by I started to notice something that didn’t feel right.  I send you my dirty little text like I usually do.  You went from texting me right back to sometimes no text at all.  Your excuse, “Oh baby I didn’t get it.”  But I get a text from you asking what I’m cooking for dinner.  When I suggest that we go out to eat, you tell me that you rather stay home, have a home cooked meal, and watch movies.  I am starting to feel some type of way about this situation. I wasn’t really sure how to approach it at that time.  Six months have gone by now.  We have been out like two or three times since we moved in together.  There are no more voluntary back/foot rubs, no more late night walks.  I have completely stopped sending you dirty text, because I would never get a response back.  Each day for the past six months has been the same routine for me; work, come home, cook, clean, and then watch you come home from work to change into your torn up sweat pants and dingy looking t-shirt.  Oh yeah, I forgot the one that hasn’t change about you……you still want the kitty on an everyday base.  Huh….i’ve gotta lol at that! 


Well you know, I think it is about time that I tell you where I stand with all of these changes that you have made.  I asked you what had been up with you lately, why all of the sudden changes?  Your response was that you have always been a home body and that even though we did a lot of things together, you did it for me and to impress me.  If it was your choice back then, you would have chosen to stay home and watch movies the whole time.  Let me first start off by saying that this is not what I signed up for……and as far as I am concerned you are considered as a “false advertiser!”  This person that you changed into is not the person that I initially met, and my attraction to you is starting to fade.  Maybe you don’t realize that an attraction is a bundle package.  It consists of so many things about a person that makes another person attracted to them.   Your bundle package consisted of your great personality, your looks, your smell, the things that you like to do for fun, the way you treated me, the romance we shared, and the conversations we use to have.  All of those things about you caused me to become attracted to you.   You had the nerve to tell me the other day that I have also changed.  I asked you how so?  You tell me that I had not been giving it up as often as I use too.  Well you know what Honey, you are so damn right!!!  What you fail to realize is that sex with me is a privilege and not an obligation to you.  I don’t have sex with you because that is something I am “suppose” to do.  I had sex with you because I loved you. I was mentally and physically attracted to you.  Once you started taking away parts of that bundle package I was attracted to, the more I didn’t want to share my intimacy with you.  Hell, I just shared it with myself, and it was a whole hell of a lot better!   Didn't even have the hassle of needing a towel!  You don’t excite me anymore, and I am bored.  I love you and I care about you, but I am no longer in love with you.  I am not saying that we cannot work things out, but you have to bring back that bundle package that I first met.   A part of who I use to be, is now gone.  I cannot allow myself to be like this anymore.  This unhappiness is unnecessary.  If I really mean something to you and you want us to work out, I suggest you find that Bundle Package that blew my mind months ago.  Then maybe I can return the favor and do the same!

What are Your Thoughts About This Letter?

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